PCtutor.org is an online learning community development project and a web site that is designed to develop and improve information and communication technology (ICT) skills among the low privileged global community. Its primary objective is to provide free and quality ICT education to the less privileged community around the world. This web site contains large number of free computer related learning materials, video tutorials and interactive multimedia demonstrations.

Why information and communication technology (ICT) is important?

Computer skills are essential for everyone to move forward successfully in their life. Lack of computer skills will definitely give you some difficult moments. There are hundreds of great web sites that provide extensive computer training. But in most of these sites you should pay to get the service. Some people cannot pay these fees. Therefore these people do not get the chance to access these training materials. Considering this we thought of making some useful online training materials and guides, and make those available free for everyone to access.

What is PCtutor?

We build tutorials related to information technology. This website hosts video tutorials, interactive multimedia content, audio tutorials, demonstrations, presentations and other kinds of learning materials that assist learning computer related subject areas such as web development, graphic designing, computer programming and software engineering and basic fundamentals of information technology.

PCtutor uses Adobe Flash technology to produce most of its tutorials and demonstrations. In order to watch these tutorials and demos you require latest version of Adobe Flash player installed in your web browser. If you do not have flash player installed, please click here to download it from Adobe.com website.

Every content, we publish on the site is free. You don't have to pay a dime to watch these tutorials and other educational materials. PCtutor is a non-profitable educational and community development project. All the content in this web site is free, but author's original material is fully copyright protected under any copyright law that can be applied.

About Copyrights

"We, PCTUTOR.ORG own the copyrights for the content we originally publish on the website. Therefore unauthorized duplication, selling, public performance, unauthorized publish or any other activities that violates copyrights of the author are fully prohibited under international copyright law."

"Some video tutorials we have published on the website are taken from external video hosting websites such as youtube.com. We don't own there copyrights. We only share these contents for the user convenience and all the copyrights are owned by the respective authors of that content."