C Programming (Fundamentals of Classic Structured Programming)

  1. How to install Borland 5.5 C/C++ Compiler

    In this tutorial you learn to download the free version of Borland C++/C Compiler, install and configure it properly.

  2. Create Your First C Program Using Borland 5.5 Compiler, Part -1

    Create your first C program in Notepad++ text editor and save it as a C source file.

  3. Create Your First C Program Using Borland 5.5 Compiler, Part -2

    Set the path using Windows Command Prompt and Compile the C source code.

  4. Create Your First C Program Using Borland 5.5 Compiler, Part -3

  5. Introduction to Programming

    Learn how to install Ubuntu operating system in virtualized environment and use its GCC compiler to compile C source files.

  6. Lesson 1 - Create the First Program and Understand Program Structure

    Learn about the basic structure of C Program. Understand What is main () function.

  7. Lesson 2 - Understand Output and Compile Errors in a C Program

    Learn more about the program output. What are compile errors? How to fix those?

  8. Lesson 3 - Using Comments in a Program Code

    Comments are used to explain the source code. Learn how to use comments in your C code.

  9. Lesson 4 - Using Variables in a C Program

    What are variables? How variables are used in C programs?

  10. Lesson 5 - Variables and Operations

    Learn how to perform various operations using variables.

  11. Lesson 6 - Understand Variable Sizes

    Learn to use the correct variable with correct size and type.

  12. Lesson 7 - More About Variables in C Programs

    Learn more useful information about using variables in C codes.

  13. Lesson 8 - How to Give Inputs to C Program

    Learn how to give input to the program.

  14. Lesson 9 - How to Structure C Programs Using If Statements

    Learn to control program flow using IF statements.

  15. Lesson 10 - Using Else If Statement

    Add Else statements to your IF statement.

  16. Lesson 11 - Using AND Logical Operator

    How to use logical operator - AND (&&)

  17. Lesson 12 - Using OR Logical Operator

    Learn to use logical operator - OR (||)

  18. Lesson 13 - Using Logical NOT Operator

    Understand logical NOT operator

  19. Lesson 14 - Using While Loop [Part 1]

    Understand how while loop works.

  20. Lesson 15 - Using While Loop [Part 2]

    This is the part two of the while loop lesson. Lets create a sample program using the while loop.

  21. Lesson 16 - Using For Loops

    In a program, if you can predetermine the number of iterations then you can use for loop structures in it.